Pirate Hygiene

We have been learning about Pirate hygiene. The pirates were smelly and did not wash! Each of our groups have been making posters to help our friends to stay healthy.

Yo Ho Imagine me….a Pirate!

This half term our theme is Yo-Ho Imagine me…a Pirate!

We are following the story of a friendly pirate who is having some trouble and adventures along the way.

We have a new exciting deep sea writing area where children can pretend they are under the ocean or sailing the sea while they make treasure maps, write messages for bottles and much more!




Writing in Summer 1

Have a look at the different writing opportunities we have been able to take part in this half term.
Record keeping, representing numbers, phonics, role play, outdoor chalk writing and drawing…
Writing and mark making on PhotoPeach

Great Adventures…Are we nearly there yet?

This half term we are learning about travel and transport. We have set up a travel agents for our role play, been using roads to trace and painting with rollers to make our own roads. We have also been completing road traffic surveys and finding out how our friends travel to school by using tally charts. This sparked fantastic communication within our class and mark making too!

Our children think our class is awesome!

Comments of the week:

“It is awesome in here!” (Joel talking about our travel agents)

“This is awesome” (Zachary talking about our CD player and microphone)


Down at the Bottom of the Garden

Our theme this half term is Down at the Bottom of the Garden. There will be different focuses for our learning:
Let it grow
Fun Fairies and Naughty Gnomes
Mini Beast Mayhem

There will be lots of outdoor learning taking place and opportunities for open ended and imaginative play.
Down at the Bottom of the Garden on PhotoPeach

Time Travel Challenge!

Mr Time has set us a challenge! To help him get back to the future we need to blog about our learning of different periods in time.

Week 1 – we have been learning about telling the time and exploring the different ways we can measure time. To see Mr Time go to youtube and search – Mr Time is stuck in the past!!!!

Week 2 – Mr Time is stuck in Ancient Egypt. Look at our learning about this time. To see Mr Time go to youtube and search – Mr. Time Visits Ancient Egypt.

Week 3 – Mr Time was stuck in the Victorian era. Watch his message to us on youtube and search Mr. Time Visits the Dinosaurs.
Back at school we found out about the different games that the Victorians liked to play and practised the games ourselves. Some of us made a yo-yo at home for the Men Behaving Dadly Challenge and we were all able to watch as they were tested at school.
Another traditional toy was marbles, we used them to paint with and loved the effect it created.

We discovered that the Victorians invented lots of things including ice-cream which we ate for snack after our Egg and Spoon event!

We were shocked to learn that children were made to work and watched a video clip from Horrible Histories about it on the Smart Board. We tried to imagine what it would have been like without a TV, telephone, washing machine and electricity!

We set to work making Victorian Lavender Bags to sell for our class charity Neurocare, we really liked the smell of then so we have hung some in our classroom.

Week 4 – Mr Time landed in the time of the Dinosaurs. He needed our help to get out of there as quickly and safely as possible! Watch his message to us on youtube and search Mr. Time Visits the Dinosaurs.

We set to going on dinosaur hunts outside and digging for dinosaur clues. We found bones and skeletons. We also used play dough and other resources to make our own dinosaurs. We read fact and fiction books about dinosaurs and even had Sam and Jacks two large dinosaurs visit us at school.

Week 5 – Vicious Vikings!
Time work. on PhotoPeach

Mummies, Pyramids, Pharoahs and Egyptian Dancing! on PhotoPeach

AM Egg & Spoon for Neurocare on PhotoPeach

Victorians on PhotoPeach

Dig for Dinosaurs! on PhotoPeach

Dinosaur hunt and Home made dinosaurs! on PhotoPeach

Boats, water, flags, shields and helmets! on PhotoPeach

Grrrr Vikings! on PhotoPeach

Viking raid on PhotoPeach

Viking Raid… on PhotoPeach